Manual Lens Cutter

Vosh SE purchased some of the TW-4A Lens cutters for onsite edging. This lens cutter will edge a lens in a matter of minutes and is available in 110 volts or 220.

We have both 110 and the 220 volt in stock.

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 Max R. Bruss
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manual lens cutter

TW-4A Lens Cutter






manual lens cutter2


(Put the lens which have been marked axis on lensmeter and layout blocker in the lens position; Then start to cut the lens after fixing it tightly by the left knob)





manual lens cutter3


High quality imported Cutting Miller





manual lens cutter4


Suitable for many suction cup types such as Topcon, Briot and Takubo.





 The following procedure for the TW-4A Lens Cutter was developed by Susan Stees of SE Wandering Eyes Optical.

TW-4A Procedures compliments of:

SE Wandering Eyes Optical Equipment Sales & Service
5185 W Dunnellon Rd
Dunnellon, FL 34433

Edging Semi Rimless lenses with Lens Cutter

1) Set Lensometer to sphere power and axis

2) Place lens in lensometer to find center (0C) and place on axis- turn lens until 3 lines come Into focus. Dot lens with lensometer marking pins

3) Measure rimless frame to be worn (example can use markings on frame 50-20 =70

4) Take patients Pd (pupillary distance) subtract the two (example Pat is 66 then 4 is difference

5) Using half of total (2 each eye in this example) place lens into cutter so that the center dot is moved inward the difference from the frame to the patient dividend by 2. Place sample lens Into cutter exactly in the middle of the sample lens (make sure you use correct side of sample)

6) Turn cutter on. It will cut the lens the same size and shape as the sample lens.

7) Then place lens into groover and it will cut a groove into the lens. Please place and align the Lens so the groove is cut into the middle Polish- if you want a clear edge on your finished lens, polish it before grooving.

8) Place lens into the top (metal) part of the frame. Slide a ribbon that is about 4 mm wide around The monofilament line. Pull the monofilament around the lens placing it into the groove. Bring The ribbon back to the bottom of the lens, release one edge and pull the ribbon out from the Frame
Repeat for other eye


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