Travel Tips

Travel Tips by Max Bruss

Some Tips for your Next Mission by: Max Bruss

Don’t forget passports, shots, reservations at MP made and all info submitted.

Some hints: Try to walk some. Most of us are not used to 10-12 hours on our feet.

Try brushing your teeth using a bottle of water. In these countries you don’t want to even rinse your toothbrush in running water.

Learn to drink your water warm. We never use ice in our drinks.

Check out the single drink additives from Crystal Light.

Carry some snacks in you knapsack. Learn to carry one with you, everywhere.

Don’t forget toilet paper, never!

Salads are never OK!

Don’t eat anything you can’t skin or cook completely.

You can check two bags of 50 pounds each and take a carryon.

Customs rules say you can bring in $300.00 worth for your use or as gifts, but they pretty much make their rules on the fly.

If they confiscate your glasses, they do.

They also check luggage based on a green or red light and demand taxes on your gifts for the students at the school. 20% most of the time. Pay them.

Take sun tan lotion, bug spray, sun glasses, a ball cap and a sweatshirt.

Take your meds!

Almost anything can be bought in a drug store without a prescription.

Take a credit card, an ATM card and I suggest $300.00 nothing larger than a $20.00 unless you plan on buying woolen clothes and jewelry, then fund accordingly.

Dress sensibly. Slacks would be nice, no sandals (the sidewalks are not finished and rebar sticks out everywhere)

I hope I have answered all your questions, if not , feel free to contact me.

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