Repaired Equipment for Missions

VOSH Southeast is making the following equipment available for missions & clinics.

The equipment is available for the shipping cost plus the repair bill.

Please contact Susan at for more info.

Equipment NameInventoryRepair Price
B&L Greens phoroptor minus cylinder3100.00
Santinelli groover115.00
Pupilometer Essilor215.00
Burton handheld black light210.00
Trial lens cases black
No lens
Hilco pupilometer 115.00
AO non contact puff tonometer230.00
AO scope model 11305115.00
Marco keratometer 15.00
Lens Clock5Free
Vigor staking tool 15.00
Hilco ultrasonic cleaner 15.00
Groover 115.00
Burton radiuscope120.00
AO phoropter1100.00
ProCraft ultra sonic cleaner115.00
Projector Marco135.00
Spectrum scan UV meter120.00
Titmus vision tester115.00
Vigor bead pan110.00
AO slit lamp 220.00
B&L keratometer120.00
Tint tank115.00
Tint tank 2 pot115.00
Nutec groover315.00
Contact lens modify/polishing kit120.00
BPI UV 400 meter120.00
Reichert NCT puff tonometer , 1 missing cord225.00
AO phoropter minus cylinder model 5901100.00
WelchAllyn blood pressure kit10
Woodlyn keratometer120.00
AO lensometer model 126030100.00
Ao phoropter plus cyl model 113251100.00
Cannon retinal camera135.00
AO drill110.00
Trial lens set215.00
Coburn rocket press115.00
Optek dewaxing press 110.00
Opti-speed ST56 circumference gauge1Free
Taiye helping hand ST631Free
Super pinhole XZ boxed letter chart lights up215.00

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