Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We find these to be the most frequent questions asked by first timers. If you don’t find your question answered here please feel free to contact us.


How much does it cost to go on a mission?

  • Fee for VOSH Southeast Membership
  • $50.00 administrative fee which includes mission insurance
  • $30 per night for a single room – $35 per night for a double room
  • $4.00 per day for breakfast
  • $6.00 per day for dinner most often lunch is provided
  • Cost for immunizations, passport, and visa if needed
  • Flight Transportation costs unless to Mexico
    ** Prices may vary **

    How do I become a member?
    Go to the VOSH Membership page. Fill out the form and submit to pay with PayPal.

    What forms do I need to fill out before going on a mission?
    You need a membership application, a Release form and a participant form. Find these forms and more on our Forms page.

    What countries do you serve?
    We serve up to 126 countries, but most of our missions are in Central and South America.

    What do you do for R&R while in the country?
    In Peru, the Nasca Lines, Churches, Manchu Picchu, Ballistra Islands and Wine holidays in Pisco. In Nicaragua – Shopping, Beaches, Volcanoes, Lagas (lakes)

    What are the hotel accommodations like?
    Hotels are comparable to a Comfort Inn. You may experience some problems with hot water, power and heat or air.

How can I Donate?

Please visit our How can I Help page to see ways that you can help VOSH Southeast in our efforts.

If I become a member am I obligated to go on missions?
No – Your yearly membership fee of $35.00/$20.00 student, helps to support us in our efforts to bring used eyeglasses to the underprivileged. You will only go on missions if you want to.

How much does it cost to be a member?
Membership is only $35.00/$20.00 student, per year. Membership is used to help support our efforts. Please see our membership page for more information.

How can I join the VOSH Southeast Newsletter?
We send periodic Newsletters to keep members up to date with upcoming missions and results of past missions. Enter your email address in the yellow box in the left panel and click GO to join!

Where can I find information on Future Missions?
When missions are scheduled we will post it on our Future Missions page. Please visit to stay up to date. Watch our Newsletters for information.

I am interested in joining a mission who do I talk to?
When we post a mission on our Future Missions Page a “Mission Leader” will be in charge of organizing the trip. You need to email your mission leader to join and get specifics on the mission. Don’t wait until the last minute! These trips take a lot of time to arrange so please be courtious and contact your mission leader months in advance of intent to participate in the mission. Get your paperwork and fees to your mission leader well in advance.

I still have questions – Where can I get help?
If you would like to help or have a question please contact us.  We will be glad to assist you.

I am interested in going on a mission – What steps do I need to take to participate?
1. You must be an active member of VOSH Southeast to go on a mission. Please visit our VOSH Membership page. Fill out the Form and Submit to Pay through PayPal. This will qualify you as a member of VOSH Southeast for the calendar year.

2 . Find a mission you might be interested in on our Future missions page. You can also sign up for our Free Newsletter to see new mission announcements.

3. Contact the mission leader and let him/her know you would like to participate. They will advise you on forms you will need to fill out and fees that will need to be paid.

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